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First%20Exam%20_Practice - First Exam Practice Test#1...

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First Exam, Practice Test #1 Notes: (1) The correct answers to the multiple-choice questions and the short-answer questions are at the end of the exam. (2) The lectures change from year to year. There may be questions on this practice exam about material that was not covered this semester in the lectures or the assigned readings. There will be no questions about this material on the exams you take. By the same token there may be questions that I have covered in lectures or assigned readings for the first time this semester. (3) In class I may mention parallels with current affairs or give you the background behind something in the news. This material may be on the exam, although obviously it cannot be covered on these practice exams. (4) There are also a few questions on the practice second exams and finals that are relevant because the point in the semester when I give the exams changes and because the final is cumulative. (5) The questions are mixed up to create different versions of the exam, so the fact two questions are near each other does not mean that they refer to the same time period. (6) The relative size of the multiple choice and short answer sections may be somewhat different on the exam you take in class. ____________________________ American Economic History Professor Rockoff Version A (Write this on your Scantron) Name _________________________________ Rutgers ID# _____________________________
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Instructions. 1. Darken in the bubbles with your Student Number in the ID NUMBER AREA and the Test Version (A or B) in the TEST FORM area.If you don't properly enter your id or test version, you will have to spend considerable time and effort to resolve the problem later. 2. Print your last name on the ScanTron in LARGE, legible characters in the NAME field, followed by your first name 4. Choose the best answer for each of the following by darkening in the appropriate bubble on the ScanTron form with a number 2 pencil or black ink; Erase all corrections thoroughly. There are 40 multiple-choice questions worth 2 points each, and 8 short-answer questions worth 2 or 3 points each. The total is 100. Multiple Choice . (2 Points each) There is one best answer to each question in the sense of the one that appears to be most generally true in the light of class discussions and assigned readings. In other words, there are no trick questions. I am just trying to find out whether you remember what you heard in class and what you read in the textbook. 1. The antebellum period is best defined as the period, say 20 or thirty years a. before the Revolution b. before the Civil War c. before World War I d. before World War II 2. One of the key tactics used by the North to win the Civil War was to cut loose large armies deep in the South from their base of supplies in the North. In class I argued that this was made possible by ___ and ___.
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First%20Exam%20_Practice - First Exam Practice Test#1...

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