SP11%20wkst%206%20Air%20Pressure%20and%20Winds - wkst 8 Air...

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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. An increase in the ____ in (of) a parcel of air will not cause the pressure to rise. a. number of air molecules b. volume c. temperature d. density of air ____ 2. Sea-level pressure values generally fall in the range a. 750 to 950 mb. b. 500 to 1500 mb. c. 100 to 1000 mb. d. 950 to 1050 mb. ____ 3. Pressure changes a. more rapidly in the horizontal direction than in the vertical. b. more rapidly in the vertical direction than in the horizontal. c. at the same rate in the horizontal and vertical directions. d. more rapidly in the vertical over land than over the ocean. ____ 4. A surface low pressure center is generally associated with ____ on an upper level isobaric chart. a. a trough b. a ridge c. zonal flow d. convergence ____ 5. The "force exerted on an object equals its mass times the acceleration produced" is a description of a. Newton's second law of motion. b. Buys-Ballot's law. c. geostrophic balance. d. hydrostatic equilibrium. ____ 6. The net force on air moving in a circle at constant speed is a. inward toward the center of rotation. b. zero. c. in the direction of wind motion. d. outward from the center of rotation. ____ 7. The amount of pressure change that occurs over a given horizontal distance is called the a. pressure tendency. b.
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SP11%20wkst%206%20Air%20Pressure%20and%20Winds - wkst 8 Air...

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