8 - refined Thus science is self-correcting Planets...

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Chapter 2 Goal: To understand how our solar system works - What paths do the planets take through space? - Why do they follow these paths? - To answer these questions we need a model of the solar system. - We need to test that model with observations. Sciences does not provide “absolute truth”,: it provides hypotheses & theories. A hypothesis has not yet been tested. A theory is reliable: it has been tested over and over and always passed the test. You can bet your life on it…. in fact you have. Some theories: Hydrodynamics/aerodynamics – tells us how airplanes work. Electromagnetism – tells us how to make stop lights work. Nevertheless, theories that have been used for many years are sometimes disproven or
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Unformatted text preview: refined. Thus science is self-correcting. Planets: Wanderers in the Sky-Ancient peoples noticed that five “stars” seemed to move….-They called them planets which mean “ wanderers.”-Every ancient civilization was aware of these 5 planets.-Words for the days of the week derive from the 5 visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. How Planets Move-In one night, the planets move from east to west due to earth’s rotation.-But, night after night, planets drift slowly from west to east with respect to the background stars. -This is called direct motion.-However sometimes a planet reverses direction!-We call this backward drift retrograde motion. Ptolemy’s Geocentric Model...
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8 - refined Thus science is self-correcting Planets...

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