9 - -Copernicus suggested a Heliocentric theory-He proposed...

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- Greek scientist Ptolemy worked at the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt (~140 AD)/ - His research included astronomy, astrology, geography & music. - Ptolemy used a geocentric model of the solar system explain retrograde motion. - Earth was at the center. - In Ptolemys model, the planets travel along small circles ( epicycles) that move on larger circles. Ptolomy’s (The Geocentric Model) - Ptolemys view were published in a book: the Almagest - Because it could explain retrograde motion, his theory was very influential in the study of astronomy for a long time. - When later observations did not agree with the Geocentric Model , astronomers added small changes to the model. - The geocentric model became quite cumbersome, but was not challenged for 1,600 years! Copernicus Heliocentric theory- - We credit Nicolaus Copernicus, a 16 th century polish astronomer, with our modern view of the solar system.
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Unformatted text preview: -Copernicus suggested a Heliocentric theory-He proposed the sun was the center of the solar system.-His theory also explained retrograde motion. Copernicus’ Heliocentric Theory-Copernicus new theory allowed him to calculate -The relative distances to the planets.-The length of time the planets take the orbit the sun-This let him predict the next appearances of planets in the sky.-These predictions proved correct, lending support to Copernicus Heliocentric Model.-However, Copernicus model was no more accurate than the Ptolemaic model. A Heretical Idea?-Copernicus Heliocentric theory caused problems with the Church.-The Church had accepted Ptolemys geocentric universe.-It agreed with the Church notion of heaven as a perfect place. -To question this model was to question the Church’s authority.-Copernicus book was censored by the Catholic Church....
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9 - -Copernicus suggested a Heliocentric theory-He proposed...

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