11 - -After Tycho died his assistant Johannes Kepler too...

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- His theory also explained retrograde motion—in a much simpler way. - Outer planets appear to go to retrograde when earth an inner planet catches up with them and passes them in their orbit - Galileo’s observations disproved the geocentric theory. Tycho Brahe - Tycho Braha (1546-1601) was a Danish nobleman - As a child, he had witnessed a solar eclipse - He was so impressed that eclipses could be predicted, that he dedicated his life to astronomy. - He built his own observatory on an island. - He observed a nova or “new star”, and found it was outside the solar system. - Tycho made the most precise observation of the planets to date … without using a telescope. - During his life, Tycho was reluctant to share his precise data. - He also had a wild lifestyle, and lost his nose in a duel. - He attended many royal parties. - Perhaps one too many… he died after eating and drinking too much at a party… Johannes Kepler
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Unformatted text preview: -After Tycho died, his assistant Johannes Kepler, too his place.-Kepler studied Tychos precise observation of the planets.-He noticed petterns in their motion never seen before.-His first model for the planets involved geometric shapes. Initially, Kepler thought the orbits of the planets had the same proportions as the “5 perfect solids” of geometry. He worked on this idea for years, but finally admitted it was a failure.-However, kepler did not give up.-He found that the planets motion could be explained if he gave up the idea of the circular orbits. -In time he discovered that all planets follow the same three rules…. . Keplers Laws of Planetary Motion I. The orbits of the planets are ellipses with the sun at one focus II. A line from a planet to the sun sweeps over equal areas in equal intervals of time. Size of an Ellipse-An ellipse is a “flattened” circle....
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11 - -After Tycho died his assistant Johannes Kepler too...

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