English 104 Homework 5

English 104 Homework 5 - -How Asian Americans will not...

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Samson Hsieh English 104 Homework (Predictions made by me based on each title) Myth 1: Asian Americans have superior academic achievement. - Under this section I predict this passage would be about how most Asian Americans do well in their classes throughout the country, how they work hard to achieve that “A”, and something related to their families that affects them to do well in the academic area. Myth 2: Asian American students are born smart, especially in mathematics and science. - How Asian Americans are born with an extra something that allows them to understand numbers and equations better than others. It could also be about, how Asian Americans are born superior to others in those 2 particular categories. Myth 3: Asian American students are trouble-free kids.
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Unformatted text preview: -How Asian Americans will not associate with any illegal activities or have any mental breakdowns that cause them to do something crazy. Myth 4: Asian American students are good at everything.-Asian Americans will typically dominate every other race within the United States at every category. Pre-reading Questions 1. After reading the first 3 paragraphs and the bulleted sentences, my conclusion for the thesis would be, “The Asian American population lives up to its reputation, but costs much more than realized.” 2. I expect the author to explore more into the suicidal rates of the Asian American population, how their greatness in academics comes at a price, and how or what their families affect them mentally....
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English 104 Homework 5 - -How Asian Americans will not...

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