When I was young

When I was young - teach my sister and I simple math such...

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When I was young, my mother used to teach me additions and subtractions. Later when I was old enough, she forced me to remember the multiplication table; it never really bothered me because I could always remember them. Math was once an interest of mine, it wasn’t up until I reached divisions and fractions, and from then on I began to lose that interest. Soon I was in high school, taking all sorts of math classes such as Algebra, Pre calculus, and AP Statistics, etc. Math in my opinion is something very important! But that interest I once had never returned simply because I believe that the people teaching me at my high school never really bothered to care whether the students was actually attaining the right information. Math in my opinion plays a significant role in today’s society. When I was young my mother used to
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Unformatted text preview: teach my sister and I simple math such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. That was the time I felt connected with math, I believe that is the case because the person teaching me was someone close and kind. I always knew the answers while my younger sister didn’t. As I grew older and went into high school, I began to feel myself losing that connection with math. The math became uglier and much more difficult; the high school I’ve attended did not have electives, and because of that I always had math courses. The last math course I’ve had was AP Statistics in my senior year, leaving me with a bad impression with math....
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