The lotery - The lottery by Shirley Jacksonopens up...

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The lottery by Shirley Jackson opens up describing a local tradition that is shared by many villages. The game or tradition is referred to as “the lottery ” in their culture. In the beginning of the story the author is vague when it comes to explaining what the lottery is, only giving discrete misleading clues. In the first few paragraphs the author paints a picture of a warm summer day in which the village children are outside playing together. The scene seems to be innocent children playing harmless games. The boys are gathering stones outside and being mischievous while the girls are simply watching. Soon after the children start playing, the parents arrive with the husbands arriving first followed by the mothers shortly after. Then you find out that everyone is gathered around for an annual event known as “the lottery ” which is held by Mr. Summers who is the most prominent man in the village. He arrives at the lottery with a large list containing the names of each household, as well as each member in that particular household. He spent the entire night before compiling all the names with the local postmaster commonly referred to as Mr. Graves. Seconds before the
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The lotery - The lottery by Shirley Jacksonopens up...

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