A and p story - enjoyed the girls Sammy even felt sorry for the girls when everyone in the super market looked at her lustfully The primary

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Chinh Nguyen Class: ENGL 1301 Professor: Coley, Mark Writing Assignments 1 –Sept, 8 – Submit date: Sept, 15 1. Identify what you consider to be the primary conflict in the plot of “A&P.” Specifically, who is the main character in this story, and exactly what is the conflict that he or she must address and resolve in order for the story to come to an end? In the story “A&P” by John Updike, the main character was Sammy, The story happened in an “A &P” supermarket in Boston. During the whole story, the main character, Sammy changed himself from being a thoughtless boy to a more mature man who can make decision for himself. The story happened when there were three girls came into the store dressed in bathing suits. At the beginning, Sammy and other people around all looked at the girls. However, only Sammy
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Unformatted text preview: enjoyed the girls. Sammy even felt sorry for the girls when everyone in the super market looked at her lustfully. The primary conflict in the plot of “A&P.” happened late in the story when the supermarket’s manager came in and yelled at the girls. Sammy knew that they were on their way out, but the manager kept scolding them. Since Sammy wanted to show sympathy with the girls, he stood up and walked out of the stored. He did not agree with the way the manger did. He wanted to be hero to the girls. The irony was that after the girls had gone, Sammy was left alone, and he realized that his life would be hard if he wanted to stand up for someone against other people....
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