bo sung - Know conversions (drops to mls, ounces to...

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Know conversions (drops to ml’s, ounces to gallons, mls to gallons, etc) Know allegation, drip rates, TPNs Know how to convert cm to inches so that you can calculate BSA to dose chemo… yay, sounds like fun. Had a lot of patient profile questions and the calculations were simple math problems. Calculations included: mEq, dextrose, AA, and fat calories in a TPN, and elemental calcium. TDM question regarding theophylline – determine dose and interval if given the concentration and the desired concentration. 2 CrCl and 1 BSA calc (formula given). Several mEq calculations. Watch out for questions with extra lab values given in problem. Calc % of carbs in a TPN. Lots of mEq questions, 2 or 3 TPN calcs. TPN questions: Find total kcal pt receives in 24 hours add up lipids + AA + Dex. TPn find the kcal in carbs given that pt gets 20% Dex and rate is 83ml/hy find for 24 hours TPN find total AA 4, but had to see the tricky part that they gave me 100ml which was only for 12 hours not 24 hours. Given 15mEq of Na acetate given 2mEq NaCl want 5mEq in 1L how much of each do you add? Furosemide has a pka of 3.7 at physiologic pH. Furosemide is an acid; acids are non-ionized at acidic pH, but are ionized at basic pH. Physiologic pH is 7.4 which is quite alkaline compared to 3.7. This means furosemide ionized to non-ionized ration would be > 1:1000, so totally ionized . Calculation: one infant 0.94kg, drug dosed at 0.05mg/kg, given flow rate of 0.5ml per hour (in fluid), drug flow of 2mg/ml how much drug will you need for 24 hours.
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Another calc: need 50mg of morphine and you have a container containing 15mg/ ml…how much do you need to use. How to calculate BMI
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bo sung - Know conversions (drops to mls, ounces to...

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