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ECE 100 Assignment 6 Systems Analysis and Design Winter 2011 This assignment is to be done individually. The problems are to provide practice in systems analysis and design. They include the use of the system simulator Simulink which is part of the Matlab package. 1. Dual-Integrator Analysis: Consider a transfer function H(s) = 1/(1 + 0.4*s + s 2 ) which is to be realized with a dual-integrator system. You are interested in the step response, in particular the overshoot in the step response. Find the overshoot analytically (use the formula from Assignment 1). Enter the system in matlab using the “tf” routine and find the overshoot using “step”. Simulate the step response in Simulink using the dual integrator topology and plot the output with “scope”. 2. Dual-Integrator Realization: Show how to realize a general second order LP or BP function with three opamps. Show how to realize a general second order HP, BR, or AP function with four opamps. 3. Wien Bridge Oscillator:
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