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ECE 100 Final Examination Example Winter 2011 This examination is closed book, you may not use any reference materials or any calculator. Be sure to show your work carefully. No credit will be given for unsupported answers. 1 (a) Write the transfer function H(s) for a second-order high-pass Flter in normalized form. (b) Write H( ω ), |H( ω )| 2 and phase(H( ω )). (c) Draw a Bode plot of |H( ω )| 2 and phase(H( ω )) assuming ω 0 = 1 and ζ = 1.5. (d) Show how to realize any H(s) with ζ > 0 with a passive R,L,C circuit. Show H(s) in terms of R,L, and C. 2 . ±ind the input or output impedance of the circuits sketched below assuming the opamp has a Fnite voltage gain A(s) and R O or R IN as indicated. (a) R O = 0 (b) R IN (c) R IN →∞ 3(a) ±ind the transfer function of the circuit sketched to the right assuming the opamp is ideal. (b)Show that any damping factor can be realized. (c)What values of RA and RB will cause it to oscillate?
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