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Mashayla Prophet Sept 18, 2011 Pd.5 WHAT DO CULTURE MEAN TO ME (Essay) What does culture mean to me? Well my definition of culture is people way of life such as there beliefs, traditions, and routines. Culture has to do with everyday activities. In my culture we celebrate Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, Easter, New Years, and many other holidays. We are very big on birthdays because we are thankful for each year we spend alive. Other cultures may be different such as they don’t celebrate birthdays, because it may remind them of being a day closer to death. Everybody culture isn’t the same, not all people believes in the same thing. Some people meals are different from others, Such as one family meal maybe turkey, ham, yams, and stuffing for a main dish, why
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Unformatted text preview: another main dish maybe turkey, ham, hotdogs, and burgers. Culture is a person’s way of life, and everybody doesn’t live life as another, most people may but others don’t. Culture could be described in many different ways but this is the best way I could explain it. At some weddings most people jump over the broom to symbolize the beginning of a new life while the other people symbolize sweeping away the old, and welcoming the new. Most cultures go to a local market while others hunt for their. Cultures also refer to appreciate of good literature, music, art, and food. Now that I’m clear on what culture means to me, it can be explained in many other words. But that’s the best way I could put it....
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