Kozol - Perpetuation of a dual educational system in...

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Kozol “Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid” Shortchanged in an apartheid education 50 years after 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education: end to official doctrine of separate but equal. Comprehensive program of Busing in 1970s to de-segregate schools Segregation and Re-segregation of schools and communities Segregation of school in racially segregated communities: Anacostia High School, DC Segregation of schools in racially integrated communities: TC Williams H.S. in Alexandria City Martin Luther King HS NYC Upper Westside (predominately White community, predominantly Black and Hispanic school) What constitutes a diverse school? Achievement Gap by race (decline 1970s and 80s, increase 1990s) Graduation rates one measure of achievement gap Addressing segregated school and deepening racial isolation Build strong, empowered well funded schools in segregated neighborhoods? Does this challenge uncontested separation of children by race?
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Unformatted text preview: Perpetuation of a dual educational system in American Society? Unequal institutions Adequacy vs. equality in Ghetto schooling What do we learn about conditions in these unequal institutions? Libraries, outdoor space, art and music, decline of physicians, Its consequence for education and learning of children, sense of self worth of children? Public spending $8,000. vs. $12,000. per pupil 1997-1998 $11,700. vs. $22,000 Teacher salary discrepancies. Why does this matter? Preschool educationearly educational advantage School reforms Rise of standardized mandatory testing (SOL) accountability/ rise of assessment and outcomes Role of money? New models of instruction Rewards and sanction Special needs and learning styles low income children (Incompletes replacing Fs in lower achieving Fairfax schools) Bathrooms dignity of studentsunsanitary physical conditions Curriculum and requirements...
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Kozol - Perpetuation of a dual educational system in...

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