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Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes

Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes - focus on the arts travel...

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Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes “Civilize Them with A Stick” Schools as Social Institutions and Socializing Agents: Preparation for Life Domhoff Elite Boarding Schools socialize their students: occupational preparation and Cultural Capital Cultural Capital: general cultural background, knowledge, disposition, and skills passed from one generation to the next. Curriculum central to distinguishing social classes, high culture and low culture (remember Domhoff) Extensive curriculum traditionally in classics, focus on disciplined and trained mind, in- depth study with primary texts over secondary texts, college level texts, SAT preparation,
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Unformatted text preview: focus on the arts, travel and hands on experience . Schools as Agents of Social Control “Total Institutions” intended to promote assimilation to dominant way of life Native American Boarding School civilizing project Rule Bound, high levels of discipline and punishment Occupational Preparation Native ways and the dominant American culture were at odds: time, sex segregation, impersonality, status of the child Consequence for Native Children: cast of outsiders on the reservation and at school...
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