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Shapiro - Mobility ladder from welfare to working poor...

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Shapiro, T “The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality” Asset Perspective: Attention to wealth discloses a racial patterning of opportunities. Different structure of investment opportunity for blacks and whites. Contributes to sedimentation of racial inequality. How does intergenerational transfer of wealth reproduce inequality in opportunities and advantage and racial stratification? Wealth is critical to family’s class standing, social status and material circumstances, community life, school access, and housing. American dream: buy a home. Housing: precarious living situation for the poor who are without safety nets Education, Income and Occupation only partly explain persistence of racial inequality across generations. Asset themes: Vivian For Arrora family poverty is not simply about lack of adequate income: bound up with work, housing, schooling debt, neighborhood and community, crime and safety.
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Unformatted text preview: Mobility ladder: from welfare to working poor Bootstrapping her family, move off welfare move out of poverty? Lack of Assets prevent mobility and self reliance for Vivian but has aspirations. Placing her in swelling ranks of working poor. Kathryn Appreciable safety net, modest aspirations. Tied up transformative assets: free of debt, no school loans, able to live with her father. She had inherited money from her family. Familiar supports How does race matter for Kathryn and Vivian? The Ackerman family How does credit, assets, college, employment, home ownership, savings shape their financial circumstances and family life and children’s futures? Elizabeth Wainwright Cummings Family inheritance What role, if any do aspirations play in financial circumstances of these 4 families?...
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