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Mills Power Elite - networked group who act in unison Their...

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C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite The Power Elite consist of top leaders who govern social structure, occupying command posts in major institutional hierarchies. Top positions are interchangeable a) Corporate Elite (high level executives from large companies) b) Military Elite ( senior officers) c) Political Elite (top officials in executive and legislative branches) Corporate, Military, and Political domains comprise major institutions where power is concentrated. This consolidation of power is a feature of modern society. To have power in the US requires access to major institutions The Power Elite operate as a centralized interlocking power bloc, an intimately
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Unformatted text preview: networked group who act in unison. Their decisions have major consequences for the everyday worlds of men and women. Ex: Corporate Welfare, Success in Politics The Power Elite often conceal their own power, but they have unparalleled power, wealth and prestige Other social institutions (family, religious organizations, schools and media) adapt to modern life while the power elite shape it. These lesser institutions play supporting roles in governing society but they are not centers of power Are media leaders a part of the power elite today? Role of celebrities?...
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