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Amy Young et al, “Drinking Like A Guy” Why do people drink alcohol? Drinking norms? Drinking as a form of social deviance? Gender difference in motivation and meaning of alcohol consumption. Why an increase in frequent binge drinking among college women? Do we culturally associate the college experience with alcohol consumption? Partying with alcohol consumption? Gender norms and alcohol consumption: How do gender roles shape drinking patterns and social meaning of alcohol consumption? Is the norm of high alcohol consumption masculine? Does high alcohol consumption provide opportunity to demonstrate attributes American society associates with masculinity? Is heavy alcohol consumption tied to freedom (rite of
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Unformatted text preview: passage)? Drinking culture and gender Does gender equality mean opportunity and access to drink alcohol? _________________________________________________________ Groups: Stable High, Decreasers, Increasers, Stable Low, Sorority Drinking like a guy or drinking to be like a guy? What is the difference? College women’s perception of college men’s preference Gain visibility from men? Increase heterosexual desirability? Gain in status and position in men groups? Full membership? Types of alcohol and amount of alcohol “Drinking me under the table” Keep of with me” Young distinguishes between feeling powerful vs. exercise of real power among the young women? Why? Place of control?...
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