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Pascoe - masculinity and homophobia obscuring how...

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Pascoe’s “ Dude, You’re A Fag? Adolescent Male Homophobia” Schools are sites of cultural learning School practices and routines, school lessons and rituals, curricular and extra- curricular activities serve as socialization to prevailing social norms. Schools are also sites of social control and cultural struggle where sanctions and rewards are provided for compliance with social norms. Sexual and gender norms are closely monitored in school and adolescent peer groups. Why are girls never called fags? Pascoe asks what is the gendered nature of the sexualized insult? How does masculinity relate to homophobia in school and the use of insults? Fag trope/ fag discourse as a mechanism to control heterosexual and homosexual men Masculinity involves interactional work of repudiating the specter of the fag. Society takes for granted (and thus naturalizes) the relationship between
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Unformatted text preview: masculinity and homophobia, obscuring how harassment is central to formation of gender identity for boys in a way it is not for girls Fag talk, fag imitation is a type of discourse through which boys keep each other in line through joking relationships. (Policing behavior) The term “Fag” can adhere to any man/boy who is seen as failing in masculine tasks of competence, heterosexual prowess, and strength or who reveals weakness or femininity. Gay vs. Fag social meaning of terms. When are terms invoked? (sexualized and non-sexualized meaning) how do boys avoid being termed fag? Fag identity fluid Pascoe asks, can boys be seen as gay and masculine? For Pascoe, race matters to how the term fag is applied to men. Role of Clothing and dance. Fag discourse (fag position outside masculinity) constructs masculinity...
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