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Lareau Invisible Inequality

Lareau Invisible Inequality - Lareau Invisible Inequality...

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Lareau “Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families” How are social class inequalities reproduced (passed on) in families? How to define class? SES: Income, occupation, education (linked to status, prestige and power) Class categories: Lower income, working class, lower middle class, middle class, Professional- middle class, Upper-middle class Limits of previous studies ? Tend to be descriptive and focused on single dynamic in home (e.g., TV use) 1) Little is known how family life transmits advantage 2) Little is known about how children enact parent’s beliefs Social advantages and disadvantages transmitted though family life Role of parenting styles and parenting resources on children’s lives 2 distinct parenting styles/strategies rooted social class: Parenting strategies shape time use, language use and social connection for children. “Concerted cultivation” a cultural logic of child rearing that is dedicated to cultivating the child through organized activities that create tremendous labor for parents (mothers in particular).
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