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Lucal gendered me - Gender non-conformists Gender as social...

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Betsey Lucal “What it Means to Be Gendered Me” What is the consequence of a gender system of “2 and only 2” on social identity and social interaction? Gender boundaries: Gender as a system of rules and sanctions regarding appropriate and inappropriate gender display “Doing” gender is about assignment of gender by others—gender that is “given” vs. “given off” (Lucal defines herself as a woman, but is perceived as man). Gender we appear to be (perceived gender) Gender blending and gender socialization: learning to become women and men means demonstrating alignment of gender and sex (conflate sex and gender). Misattribution and misidentification of gender “failing to pass” as a woman
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Unformatted text preview: Gender non-conformists Gender as social process involves 1) labeling, 2) gender cues in interaction, 3) interpretations of behavior -Modes of address are deeply gendered-Presentation of self in everyday life deeply gendered: appearance mannerisms, action, and demeanor-Encounters with women in all female settings-Being perceived as male –access to male-to-male interaction -When out with a woman, how is Lucal perceived? Interactional strategies to deal with gender misattribution. Stigma and passing as a man: safer to be seen as a man than as deviant woman For Lucal patriarchal constructions of gender create a hierarchy of value masculinity is valued over femininity...
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