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England and Thomas “The Decline of the Date and the Rise of the College Hook Up? Setting : College Historical context : From courtship to dating to hook-ups. Shift in behavioral norms: liberalization Changing meanings about sexual practices? (types of hook-ups) What is social meaning assigned to the hook-up? What factors gave rise to the hook-up for England and Thomas? Postponement of marriage and other adult markers? Relationship formation and role of dating/ the hook-up as pathway to relationships Consequences Changing ideas about intimacy, “Hang out” or “hook up” vs. serious relationships– erosion of the middle ? Role of technology (Facebook, texting) How does gender matter to the hook-up scene? Sexual scripts and gender system 1. The double standard: One standard for men, another for women?
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Unformatted text preview: Women to wed, women to bed “Preserve the woman attitude or denounce them” 51% women said they felt they were respected less compared to 25% men following hook up Double standard and gender inequality? Who benefits? 2. Gender differences in relationship orientation/attitudes toward relationships Changing ideas about casual sex (recreational) vs. relationship sex ___________________________________________________________________ Mills’ “Sociological Imagination”: How to think about hook up as cultural practice using sociological imagination? Harper and Leicht’s “Trends and Counter trends” If hooking up is a cultural trend, what are its counter trends?...
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