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Retail Marketing - Retail Marketing/e-commerce

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Major Problem/Issue Enable to survive in a highly competitive market due to the inability to adapt to the target market needs and the inability to compete with major store due to lack of retail management. Sub-Problem Location Since Hechinger was located in direct competition to their competitors (i.e. Home Depot), they weren’t up to par with the customer service Home Depot and Lowes provided. This made for a decline in sales and job performance. “ Out of Date” Inventory and Distribution Systems Due to a lack of an appropriate inventory control system, Hechinger was always either overstocked or under stocked. This resulted in an inadequate distribution system and “out of date” technological influence. Their distribution system became costly and inefficient. Their attempts at consolidating resulted in poorly stocked shelves and displeased customers. Poor Customer Service Having an ill-trained workforce hindered Hechingers ability to provide adequate customer service. Employees were unable to provide customers with information regarding the product and merchandise. Inefficient Management Duties
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Due to the changes of managers, Hechinger was unable to stick to a certain retailing plan and implement into their strategies. Different managers with different backgrounds resulted in conflicting strategies hindering the growth of the business.
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