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Ashley Fitzpatrick Good Afternoon, I am writing to the Department of Marketing, to explain that although I took a 100 level marketing course at Manhattan College, in doing research, the two courses are almost identical. Marketing 3343 description is similar to the Manhattan College one. Also, my instructor would like to be contacted if there is a disagreement. This is the Texas State Marketing description: Courses in Marketing (MKT) To enroll in upper-division marketing courses, students must satisfy all prerequisites, be classified as a junior or senior, and be in good academic standing. 3343 Principles of Marketing. (3-0) Study of the strategic marketing process,
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Unformatted text preview: which creates value for consumers and organizations through integrated production and distribution of products. Examines the marketing process in the context of the global, cultural, economic, legal/regulatory environment. Examines ethical and socially-responsible marketing and the impact of information technology. Prerequisite: Junior standing. At Manhattan, I took an extensive course in Marketing: Marketing 201, Essentials of Marketing and the description is as follows from the website: This will be on the next page...
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