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MARKETING2 - well as some web development will be used in...

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Marketing (MKTG) Marketing represents both a key function and philosophy which provides a foundation for the successful operation of all businesses and non-profit organizations today. Marketing executives perform the essential tasks of planning the firm’s competitive market position and strategy, including the selection of the firm’s most effective “marketing mix” (firm’s product portfolio and advertising, pricing, and distribution strategies). All marketing majors take MKTG 303, 307, 403 and 412 plus 3 elective credits in Marketing. MKTG 201 is required of all students in Business. A minimum grade of C is necessary to receive credit in major and minor courses. Marketing majors may not take PSYC 305, Consumer Psychology. A working set of computer skills in PowerPoint, a statistical computer-based program, as
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Unformatted text preview: well as some web development will be used in many of the marketing classes. 201. Essentials of Marketing. This course provides the student with an understanding of modern marketing practice, philosophy, advantage, marketing mix decisions, market segmentation, product positioning, buyer psychology and behavior, and new product development. Computer simulations and cases are used to demonstrate real-life applications. (Cr. 3) As you see, the courses are VERY similar, and I think it is unfair that the numbers attached to this course should deter me from getting credit. My professor's email address is [email protected] Thanks, Ashley Fitzpatrick...
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