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QMST 2333 SPREADSHEET ASSIGNMENT #2 SPRING 2010 1. You are to compare the selling prices for homes with a pool to the selling prices of homes without a pool , in the Denver, Colorado area. At the 0.05 significance level, can we conclude that the mean selling price of homes without a pool is SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER THAN the mean selling price of homes with a pool? The data file, SellingPrice.XLS , containing the variable, “Selling Price,” is posted on TRACS under the “Assignments” folder. 2. Use EXCEL and the instructions below to answer the questions on the next to last page. Attach the EXCEL printout ( Hypothesis Test Spreadsheet ) along with your typed questions and answers (in a separate WORD document). Make sure you provide a typed cover page, per the handout on TRACS under “Course Documents.” Instructions for Excel Project Hypothesis Testing: Difference in Two Population Means ( Assuming Equal Variances ) 1. Select t-test: Two Sample Assuming Equal Variances option 2. Specify the Variable 1 Range,
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TwoSample_Excel_Assgn2_Spring%202010 - QMST 2333...

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