Wars - Abdullah Abahussain(DK Writing 6B Final draft Is It...

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Abdullah Abahussain (DK) Writing 6B Final draft Is It Worthy? It’s been said that one picture may be worth a thousand words, but maybe a word is worth a thousand pictures (ICRC 1). A word like “war” holds a lot of pictures, pictures that have never stopped, from spears and sieges to machine guns and nuclear bombs. Humans have used all kinds of weapons to kill each other, devastate their environment, and ruin their societies. Since humans found themselves on earth, war is known as a part of their lives and their culture, causing thousands of wars in every era, and keeping them in suffering. As a natural rule in our universe, nothing happened without a reason. As their environmental and societal impact, wars still happen, and racism and religious beliefs or a desire for domination and resources were the most considerable reasons to cause them. One of the most important effects of wars that we still suffer from is their impact on the environment. Wars have been a mortal enemy to our planet. Obviously, wars can harm our environment directly. For example, the Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait was one of the most environmentally devastating wars ever fought. According to S.M. Enzler, Iraq dumped approximately one million tons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf, thereby causing the largest oil spill in history (Enzler 35). Another famous incident happened in
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Wars - Abdullah Abahussain(DK Writing 6B Final draft Is It...

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