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Alaska or Hawaii - Chugack Mountains Mount Mckinley which...

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Abdullah Abahussain Weiting3 2 nd draft The Hard Choice Choosing between Alaska and Hawaii for your summer vacation is really hard choice. First of all, both have good quality and wide rang of excellent hotels that fit your budget from basic to luxury. Second, Each of them has his own special weather. Alaska has perfect temperature with no humidity at all, and it’s seldom rains in summer, Whereas Hawaii has hot, humid and rainy summer. When we talk about natural beauty, we will recognize that they have the opposite aspect of landscape features. Alaska has the
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Unformatted text preview: Chugack Mountains, Mount Mckinley, which is the North America’s highest mountain, and some beautiful glaciers. However, also we will find in Hawaii Volcano National Park, Waima canyon and Hawaii’s Wonderful beaches, which is among the world’s most beautiful beaches. To sum up, your choice actually is not that hard because whatever you choose, you will have great vacation....
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