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Central Market Field Trip From the first time I heard about Central Market, I thought about an open and wide area where you can see many people they want to spend their time. Many merchandise around you such as cloths and vegetables. From different sellers who try to convince you with their own merchandise! But when I received the map, looking to the bulletin and heard from my teacher, I could change this imagination completely. And when I arrived there I was enjoying remembering what I had imagined! I was surprised when I entered there, and I’ll compare my experience with Central Market with any different brand like Wallmart for example. First, Central Market was designed in a particular way that you enjoy your shopping and concentrating in the same time. You find yourself in a section with its specific products, and when you finished, you move on to the next section. For example if you was in the Produce section you will see produce products only. When we compare this situation to any other supermarket, we will notice that you are able to see
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Unformatted text preview: many sections and different kinds of products just by turning your head around. Also, this design makes you concentrate on what you are going to buy. But the design is not good for some women who like shopping, because if they go to the Central Market to buy something specific like milk for example, they will pass many sections before they got to the diary section, so when they finished and arrive to the check out they will discover that they filled up their basket with many things they didn’t intent to buy! Any way, the thing that makes Central Market distinctive is “the hundred of choices”. For example, you want to buy apple, but you find yourself hesitated between 26 different kinds of apples! Can you imagine that? Rather than talking about the quality that you will find it there. For me, I am not used to spend much time when I want to shop in supermarket, but the Central Market could change my habit!...
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