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Abdullah Abahussain Writing 3 Planning Trips People have different ways to plan a trip. Some of them choose travel agency packages. The others prefer their own planning. And we will make a comparison between them. First, travel agency package cheaper than personal planning. But it has limited options. Also it is very comfortable way because travel agencies prepared these packages before the customer come. The other way that I recommend it, is the personal planning. Maybe it takes longer time than the packages, but in this way you have more choices,
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Unformatted text preview: more options, more times to choose from. These are the main advantages of this way. For example, with the personal planning, I can select my exact flight time, my favorite hotel, and my own schedule. But if I choose from any travel agencies packages, I will not able to select my preferences. In conclusion, people can choose the way that fit their needs when they want to plan a trip....
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