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Abdullah Abahussain Writing 3 Plucker’s Restaurant One of the most popular restaurants in Austin is Plucker’s restaurant. First, it has an active environment. For example, from the first time you enter the restaurant you will sense that activity from the movement of the waiters serving their customers while background music is played. Although there is nothing distinguishing the décor, yet it is clean and simple. Second, about the food, I tried it many times, and I can’t find anything special in it. In my opinion, people give this restaurant more than it deserved. In deed,
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Unformatted text preview: you can find more special food in other places such as Chilis and Fuddruckers. Finally, Pluckers has regular prices for its kind of restaurant. However, Its the regular prices in any place offers table-service. For example, you can have your dinner there for approximately 12 dollars. In conclusion, Pluckers restaurant is not the right place to eat distinguished food, but you can enjoy the service and the prices there....
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