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Abdullah Abahussain Essay assignment#2 A free topic Why the U.S.? Before graduating from high school, thinking about my future has been one of my most important concerns, as an ambitious person who is looking forward in contributing to his country, his community, and his principles. Having accepted in SABIC scholarship program made me realize that a precious opportunity has come to me. Although I was already accepted in my country’s best universities, I chose to study abroad, taking in t o consideration the large amount of expertise that I will gain from this experience. It just took me two months after graduation to select my academic future, in which to study chemical engineering in a top U.S. university. Choosing the U.S. was based on many factors, including the high academic quality, the variety of opportunities, and the multicultural environment. Deciding my destination, in my opinion, is based on my main goal, which is my academic program. Therefore, choosing the U.S. was a wise decision, for the high
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