pursuit of perfection - Abdullah Abahussain (D.K.) The...

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Abdullah Abahussain (D.K.) The Pursuit of Perfection It’s an interesting idea that while six billion people are spread out over many continents, they’re, at the same time, sharing the same planet; while they are divided and classified into many races and countries, they originally belonged to the same race. Nevertheless, while people are interacting and coexisting with each other, they are, in fact, contrasting what they have in common and representing their unique characteristics. In light of these facts, it’s somehow easy to describe yourself in general, but it’s a little bit harder to know what it is that makes you different from others, and most importantly, develop it to help you succeed in your life. Trying to do this, I’ve identified the pursuit of perfection as a fundamental trait in my personality, on which I reflect how I could develop it and decrease its negative impact on me, making it a more powerful trait in my life. The pursuit of perfection has accompanied me in all my life. A
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pursuit of perfection - Abdullah Abahussain (D.K.) The...

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