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SABIC Resume - • The golden shoe three times Soccer of...

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Saad Alanezi [email protected] (512) 695-0887 EDUCATION : University of Texas, Austin, Texas SABIC/UT Austin Foundation Year, 2010 ESL Services ELP Program Intensive Program (GPA: 4.0) UT Extension: Calculus, Physics, Critical Thinking, Academic Success, Individual Learning Skills Omar Bin Hazam High School, Saudi Arabia Graduated top 10% (GPA: 4.0) Member of the science group . VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: Volunteers Cleaning Team May- 2007 Cleaning the beach Cleaning the public restrooms. Encouraging people to help in cleaning. Blood Donation Donate some blood. Encouraging people to donate. AWARDS : Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Scholarship. 1 st place twice: All-city Science Contest, Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia.
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Unformatted text preview: • The golden shoe three times, Soccer of the Years, 2007,2008,and 2009. • First place in the UT ESL Haikus contest. • The best student in my city three times of the years,2007,2008,and 2009. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES: • UT ESL soccer team, 2010 • UT Partnership to Advance Language Study and Cultural Exchange (PALS), 2010 • Omar Bin Hazam high school team. LANGUAGE SKILLS: • Fluent in Arabic and English • I love you in 10 Languages. INTERESTS : • List sports, hobbies, talents (keep it parallel!!!!)Soccer, Poetry, Car races, acting, dancing, swimming, working out, and reading classical writings in English and Arabic....
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