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EID ALfeter Tomorrow is going to be EID; it is a religious celebration. In fact, in Islam, we have two EID's. The firs one comes right after the fasting month(Ramdan), and the second one is on November during the HAJ time which is very holy time also in Islam. Actually, EID is a blessing from god; it is like a gift from god after the outstanding endurance they showed during the holy moth. EID's mean a lot to every Muslim around the wide world; it is time for families to get together and have enjoyable time. The social life peaks it's ultimate level. People try to enjoy the moment in the EID; they forget everything about worries and concerns. Before the EID, every Muslim should donate
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Unformatted text preview: money to poor people, so they can enjoy the EID completely as we do. unfortunately, In EID, we do a lot traditional stuff, such as food,cloths,and other stuff, but this time we can do nothing from them because we are here in the U.S, and we don't have most of the stuff we need. furthermore, usually, all members of every family; they get together at home, but we will not make it this time either. Nevertheless, I met people here who I consider as members from my family, and I will celebrate with, I'm sure they will offset missing my family in here....
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