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Essay B - become who they are although they have been...

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Essay B The world I come from has formed my goals and dreams because it is full of lessons and experiences that have led and guided me to become a better person. I come from a small town in Saudi Arabia called Al Khafji, where everyone knows each other. My family is huge compared to families in the U.S.; there are 8 members. Before coming to the U.S., in many ways my family was my world. My parents have struggled a lot during their lives to become who they are today. In my life, they plant and strengthen many beautiful characteristics to make me who I am as a person. How to be a better person was a terrific lesson I learned from my world because I saw many examples in my life. For example, my parents have faced a lot of difficulties to
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Unformatted text preview: become who they are, although they have been through hard situations. My parents come from an uneducated atmosphere; both my grandparents didn't go to school, and they used to work as shepherds. They wanted this occupation to pass down to the next generation, but my parents had different ambitions and dreams that they wanted to achieve. My parents gave me several lessons of how to become a better person; but most importantly how to become better in spite of obstacles. My parents taught me patience, perseverance, optimism, and ambition. They became more important than ever after they had overcome all the obstacles to accomplish their goals...
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