my second essay reviewed

my second essay reviewed - Saad Alanezi Issues I'm...

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Saad Alanezi Issues I'm concerned about. I come from Al khafji in Saudi Arabia, which is a small town located close to the Kuwaiti border, it is nice town; it has one of the cleanest beaches in the Middle East, and it has 100000 populations living in it. Nevertheless, people in Al khafji are suffering from some issues, which related to the public services, such as swage system, public hospitals. First of all, Al khafji needs a swage system, so it can resist the severe rain and avoid floods. People in Al khafji have been demanding to have good infrastructure for long time, and this issue is becoming more significant because many people went victims as result of the intense rains. Every time, it rains in my town; it causes many car accidents and deaths, also raining usefully blocks the streets. As a result, people started to concern about this issue a lot, and I'm one of these people who have been asking the governor to solve this hard issue. Another issue, I got involved in, and I have been so concerned about; it is the public
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my second essay reviewed - Saad Alanezi Issues I'm...

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