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traditional dish - because I had to make it warm and I...

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Saad Alanezi Writing and reading class Traditional dish Last Wednesday, I decided to cook traditional dish because I got sick of eating in restaurants. I went to supermarket to get the some special flavors and spices. I started cooking at 4 p.m. because I finished my class at 3:30. I went out the class so excited because I would make delicious traditional dish. The dish called Kabsa'a or in other words Mgboos; we call mgboos where I come from, but other regions. Anyway, the dish took me two hours to get it done. I started with the kitchen; I got it out of the fridge
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Unformatted text preview: because I had to make it warm; and I added a lot of flavors on it. Then, I put some rice in pot, and I had heated it for an hour before I added the fried kitchen to it. I heated the rice and the kitchen together for an hour. before getting the dish done in a few minutes, you have to add some extra flavors and spices, such as rosewater,parsley,and garlic. Then the dish should be served hot and with yogurt and hot chilies....
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