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wolf - productions for living Second body paragraph Another...

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Saad Al Anezi (The Wolf) Writing and Reading class. Three Symbols From My Hometown Years ago, when I was young, I was accustomed to seeing three symbols in AlKhafji which is my hometown. I was wondering what would they indicate to?. One day, we went on trip with my school to a house of the oldest man in my town. He gave us a deep view about the history of Alkhafji, and he said those symbols represent everyone in this peaceful town. During his talk, he went through each symbol in details. Based on people who live in Alkhafji came up those symbols. People in Alkhafji are divided into three different kinds based on how they used to depend on for living. However, these symbols are; Camels, boats, and farms, which were designed in memorial shapes in front of the entrance of our town, to show the old style of life for each folk in Alkafji. First body paragraph: Camels symbolize the folk who depended on grazing and it’s
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Unformatted text preview: productions for living. Second body paragraph: Another symbol personalize the folk who used to rely on the wealth of sea for living. Third body paragraph: Quite away from the coast, the third folk was working in farms and sell some of the crops as trade. To sum up, once you enter AlKhafji, you will see three memorials that symbolize to how people used to live in AlKhafji. The first symbol is Camels which represent the old life of one folk in AlKhafji, and the boats symbolize the life of people who based on the sea for living; the third symbol indicate to how some people relied on agriculture to get their supplies for living. Personally, I can tell these symbols are well fit for AlKhafji, and they picture the old styles of life in AlKhafji accurately....
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