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ENGG1010 Revision Notes 1. Mechanism is 1 dof system 2. Acceleration has two parts: speed and direction changes 3. Constatnt acceleration is a very special case, but vdv=ads is general for rectilinear motion 4. Beware of usual symbols and drawing conventions, and simple integrations given in “boxes” 5. Geometric method to determine s,v,a 6. Three ways … acceleration is given, and v,s are found 7. Vectors, right-hand rules for omega and omega cross r
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Rigid body has a single rotational (angular) velocity 9. Relative v – ad hoc method for 2D (re)defined, test it 10. The very basic: friction force, maximum and actual 11. FBD analyzed for force balance in 2 chosen directions 12. Integration for 2 nd moment of mass, d(mass) is crucial 13. Exam qs: read carefully, diagram, think and then solve...
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