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NYC_S columns - limestone shale black shale sandstone...

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group of volcanic ash layers St.l. Z.d. 78˚30' 77˚30' 76˚30' 75˚30' 74˚30' West Longitude P.s. C.l. C.b. D.c. P.s. Z.d. C.l. C.b. D.c. P.s. C.l. C.b. T.b. A.s. A.t. E. D.c. P.s. C.b. T.b. A.s. A.t. E. A.s. A.t. E. D.c. C.b. T.b. dolostone
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Unformatted text preview: limestone shale black shale sandstone redbeds crystalline rocks unconformity west east Stratigraphic columns for New York Cambrian through Silurian. 1000 va va va va Depth below top of Zone (m)...
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