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EAS 1700 Worksheet 1, 2011 Y OUR N AME ……………………………………… M INERALS , R OCKS , AND THE E ARTH S I NTERNAL H EAT E NGINE M INERALS AND R OCKS IN C APTIVITY [Material to be tested later in quizzes] Visit the Mineral Museum and Reading Room exhibits on the first floor of Snee Hall. T HE B OWEN R EACTION S ERIES [5+5+10 = 20 points] Considering Figure 2 and the scale models in the Mineral Museum, what connection do you notice between crystal structure and melting point among the non-feldspar minerals? [5pts] How does melting point vary with chemical composition among feldspars? [5] In what way is fractional crystallization such as illustrated in the Palisades’ gabbro like the partial melting and fractionation of mantle rock beneath midocean ridges and subduction zones? [10] I GNEOUS R OCKS [10 points] Going by Bowen’s Reaction Series, how do the minerals’ melting points change in going from
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Unformatted text preview: ultramafic to felsic rocks? [10] P LATE T ECTONICS AND THE E ARTH S C RUST [10+10 = 20 points] Oceanic and continental crust crystallize from magma generated in the mantle beneath spreading ridges and subduction zones, respectively (Figure 1). How does the temperature in the source region compare between the two types of crust? [10] Komatiite, an ultramafic volcanic rock, has been virtually extinct for about 2.5 billion years, but before that, commonly occurs with basalt in geological settings where basalt alone is found today. Granitic rocks more than three billion years old generally are gray, colored by sodium feldspar, whereas those formed later are generally pinkish, colored by potassium feldspar. Again considering Bowens Reaction Series, what could account for both of these changes? [10]...
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