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To what extent can white people be blamed for the African slave trade? Before the Atlantic trade and probably before the trans-Saharan trade, slavery existed in Africa like every other ancient society 1 . However, if we consider the intensity and the conditions of life associated with the trades, the Atlantic trade is a fundamentally new system that did not exist in the past experiences of the African society. The question often raised is: who is to blame for this trade? Is it the white people? Or the Africans themselves? Although African leaders and merchants facilitated the slave trade, the Europeans are the one who instigated, motivated and maintained the Atlantic trade. Slave trade is a complex problem that can not be solely evaluated by a moral standard. To figure out how the slave trade developed with the adhesion, and participation, whether active or passive of the majority of the population, we should reconstruct the system and logic behind it to better understand it rather than judge it. Thus, the slave trade should be apprehended in its global dimensions - cultural, economical and social. Some historians stress the responsibility of the Africans of their own misfortune
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