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6#78)*9 4 Due at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on March 21 Name: ___________________________________ ID Number: ______________________ :%9#7;<*9"7% The objectives of this project are to reinforce your understanding of low-level computation, and to gain experience with programming in assembly language. You will accomplish this by writing a program for the MARIE processor in assembly language to perform a relatively simple task. You must assemble and test your program using the MARIE simulation package, which is available at no cost from . MarieSim allows you to observe the contents of registers and memory while running a program on a simulated machine. Write an assembly language program for the MARIE processor that will f i nd the maximum value that is contained in an array of 8 integers. The general structure of the assembly language source code is illustrated in Figure 1. / ECE 4500 Project 2 / Find the maximum value in an array / <Your name, and other useful comments> ORG 100 /Your program instructions go here Halt /Variables and constants X, DEC 3 /First value of data array DEC -2 /Second value DEC 17 /Third value DEC 0 DEC 8 DEC -23 DEC 5 DEC 14 /Last value of data array Max, DEC 0 /The result will be placed here Ptr, HEX 116 /Pointer to start of array X One, DEC 1 /Constant: 1 Var, . . . /Other variables and constants / can be placed here Figure 1. Code template with separate areas for instructions and data.
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For full credit, your program should satisfy these requirements: x T h e f i r s t i n
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ECE4500_Project2 - !"#$"%"&'()*+','-.-'/011','23#"%$'4151'...

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