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Tables 3.2 - 3.5

Tables 3.2 - 3.5 - Metal Li Na K Rb TABLE 3.2 Metals...

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Unformatted text preview: § Metal Li Na K Rb TABLE 3.2 Metals Whose Charge lei Invariant from One - Compound to Another Ion Name Group Number Li+ Lithium 1 Na+ Sodium 1 K+ Potassium l 1113* Rubidium 1 (25+, Cesium l Be2+ Beryllium 2 Mg2+ Magnesium 2 Ca2+ Calcium 2. Sr2+ Strontium 2, 13a2+ Barium 24 Al3+ Aluminum 13. Zn2+ Zinc i7. Sc3+ Scandium 3 Ag+ Silver i]' TABLE 3.4 Some Metals Thai Form Cations t Metal Chromium Iron Cobalt Copper Tin Mercury Lead with Different Charges Ion Name I Q” Chromium(II) CR" Chromium(IlI) Fe“ Iron(I[) Fe3+ lron( III) Co“ Cobalt(II) Co3+ Cobalt(III) Cu+ Copper(l) Cu2+ Copper(II) Sn2+ Tin(II) 5n“ Tin(IV) ng2+ Mercury(l) Hg“ Mercury(lI) Pb“ Lead(Il) Pb4+ Lead(lV) TABLE 3.3 Some Common Anlone Symbol Nonmeiai for Ion Fluorine F" Chlorine CI- Bromine Br— Iodine 1— Oxygen 02— Sulfur 52‘ Nitrogen N3— Phosphorus P” 8338 Name Anion Name fluor chlor brom iod 0X sulf nitr phosph Fluoride Chloride Bromide Iodide Oxide Sulfide Nitride Phosphide TABLE 3.3‘ Some Commoo'iioiyetomic'looe Name Acetate Carbonate Hydrogen carbonate (or bicarbonate) Hydroxide Nitrite Nitrate Chromate Dichromate Phosphate Hydrogen phosphate Dihydrogen phosphate Ammonium Common hydrate pieflxes hemi=1/2 mono=1 dl=2 tri=3 tetra=4 penta=5 hexa=6 hepta=7 octa=8 nonmacl do». :IO Formula C2H302‘ c032“ Hco; OH" N0; N03— C1042— Name Hypochlorite Chlorite Chlorate Perchlorate Permanganate Sulfite Hydrogen sulfite (or bisulfite) Sulfate Hydrogen sulfate (or bisulfate) Cyanide Peroxide ...
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