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blood bone cartilage BIO LCV LAB EXAM REVIEW Lab 1 Body organization 4 types of tissues: Epithelial – covers surfaces Shape: Squamous, cuboidal, columnar Layers : simple (secrete/absorb), pseudostratified (cilia – particles) , stratified (protection) GOBLET CELL – secretes mucus o Connective: low density of cells, extracellular matrix Loose- collagen + fibroblasts Adipose – large empty cells Dense – support – more packed matrix Fibrous - elasticity Cartilage Bone - rigid Blood o Muscle Skeletal –voluntary - multinucleated - striations Cardiac – involuntary – striations – intercalated discs Smooth – involuntary – 1 nucleus –no striations o Nervous Skin Epidermis = epithelial stratified squamous (keratin layer= protection – secreted by epithelia) Dermis = dense fibrous connective = structure elasticity Hypodermis = loose connective – adipocyte = thermoregulation Small Intestine and Large Intestine (Colon) – goblet cells Mucosa = epithelial =(lines lumen) – simple columnar-villi= absorb Submucosa – loose connective Smooth muscle – inner(circular)/outer (longitudinal) layer Serosa – simple squamous – mesentery Esophagus = stratified squamous epithelium (protect chuncks) – stomach= gastric pits Lab 2 Dietary Intake # of recommended servings of each group - veg/fruits – 7-10 -grain products – 6-8 -milk/alternatives – 2-3 -meat/alternatives - 2-3 % RNI Recommended Nutritional Intake = actual intake/RNI x100% Daily Caloric Intake 1 g of protein= 4 Kcal 1 g fat = 9 Kcal 1 g Carbs = 4 Kcal Calculations of: theoretical caloric requirement gender, age, height, weight, level of activity= affect energy output
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