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Cookbook Table of Contents CHE-LCU Reactions Page 1. S N 2 - Inversion of configuration 2. S N 1 - Racemization 3. E1 and E2 - Zaitsev vs Hofmann - Anti coplanar requirement 4. Synthesis of Alkynes - Terminal vs nonterminal stoichiometry 5. Alkynes as nucleophiles - Substitution to increase C count 6. Catalytic Hydrogenation - Stoichiometry for alkenes vs alkyne 7. Syn Hydrogenation of alkynes - Lindlar’s and P-2 Catalyst 8. Anti Hydrogenation of alkynes 9. Electrophilic addition of HX to alkenes - Markovnikov Rule 10. Electrophilic addition of sulfuric acid to alkenes - Hydrolysis to form alcohols - Markovnikov Product 11. Electrophilic addition of water to alkenes - Limitation to low molecular weights - Markovnikov Product
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Reactions Page 12. Hydroboration – Oxidation of alkenes - Syn addition - Anti-Markovnikov Product 13. Electrophilic addition of Br 2 , Cl 2 and I 2 of alkenes - Anti addition 14. Halohydrin formation from alkenes - Anti addition - Regioselectivity 15. Syn 1,2-dihydroxylation of alkenes via OsO 4 - Syn addition 16. Oxidative cleavage via hot basic permanganate
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Cookbook_Table_of_Contents - Cookbook Table of Contents...

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