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Format Sheet for Physics Lab Reports Name:____________________ Experiment No. and Title_____________________ Date:_____________________ Instructor:_________________________________ Course and section:_____________ Objective: ( Include here a brief statement of the purpose of the experiment, in your own thoughts and words. Include references to general physical principals under investigation.) Method: (Describe sequentially how the experiment was performed. Include a lettered sketch or diagram of the apparatus. Make drawing with care----use a straightedge, and make it large enough to be useful in reading and interpreting the report.) Data Sheet: (Include the actual, original data sheet on which you recorded data in the experiment. Develop the habit of neatness in data and note taking, so they will be suitable for inclusion in the report.) Results: ( What were the results of the investigation? Give worked out and annotated examples
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Unformatted text preview: of each type of calculation performed in the experiment. Summarize your results in tables or graphs here as appropriate. Make sure to label clearly all graphs, figures, or diagrams ., Display your results clearly, and highlight the most important parts .. Make sure to include units .) Analysis and (Identify and discuss the sources of error in the experiment. Calculate the percent Interpretation error of your results.Were your results consistent with the physical principles being investigated, within the measurement uncertainties of the apparatus? Answer all questions listed in the experiment notes distributed by the instructor . Since you are putting your name on it- put some pride into it.) NOTE : unattached pages are not acceptible- use a binder, or staple the pages together in the right order....
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