Efield1(2) - Lab 3 Electric Field Plotting Experiment...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 3 Electric Field Plotting Experiment Instructions: This experiment involves the calculation of the electric field pattern around and between a pair of metal electrodes of various shapes, embedded in a semi-conductive sheet medium to facilitate measurements of electrical potential, and maintained at a fixed potential difference (approx. 1.5 volts). Three different electrode configurations will be investigated. The electric field direction pattern can be deduced for each electrode pattern from the measurements of the voltage V (measured relative to the value at the negative electrode) at a representative selection of grid points on the semi-conductive sheets. For data taking, after the experimental apparatus is set up according to the instructor's directions, start up the Netscape Navigator browser on the desktop computers and point the browser to the URL given by the lab instructor and follow the on screen directions to enter the voltage data into the on-screen data table. Even though the voltages will typically be in the range of 1.5 to 0 volts, enter the data in hundredths of volts, and round off to the nearest hundredth of a volt , e.g.. enter the reading , e....
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Efield1(2) - Lab 3 Electric Field Plotting Experiment...

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