UGC 111 Hammurabi Codes

UGC 111 Hammurabi Codes - I feel that the most...

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Unformatted text preview: I feel that the most significant/important features of Hammurabi’s Code are as follows (in no specific order): The category of laws which deal with commerce, debts, contracts, and business deals. The category of laws which deal with family and divorce, and lastly the category of laws that deals with the protection of the people, such as murder, rape and theft. These comprise as one section of the largest laws of Hammurabi (The Heritage of World Civilizations Volume 1 Edition 8, 17). Business has and always will be a huge part of the economy either in the future, present or past. It is essential for the government (in order to be successful) to have laws that protect the rights of businesses and business deals. Hammurabi’s code was comprised of this set of laws as the third largest category. Obviously Hammurabi has sought of the significance part to the functionality of his government. The reason I feel that it was important is because my mother owns a business and without laws that govern the business natures and the types of agreements she would probably not be selling anything. You should be able to set laws that help businesses flourish agreements she would probably not be selling anything....
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